Tailor-made, personalized services for yachts and cruise yachts, cruise ships, villas, and luxury hotels.
Your excellence provider for the management, logistics, tailor-made products and services, and the organization of personalized and exclusive experiences.

premium wine storage service

Thanks to our hi-tech wine cellar we can properly store your most prestigious champagnes, plus French, Italian, Sicilian, and Super Tuscan wines.

personal shopper

We can provide you with the best personal shoppers at 360° who will guide you to discover the exclusive boutiques and shops in Sicily and Malta, supporting you with translation services if needed.

storage & delivery parcel

A large space, clean and protected, to help you with the needs related to your organization. You can easily request the collection of packages directly at our office to receive them at your arrival wherever you want.

chef & sommelier service

Our selected professional chefs and sommeliers are ready to satisfy your desires, delighting your palate and that of your guests with recipes, dishes and wines of the highest level and local raw materials of best quality. Available also for exclusive show cooking and wine tours.

concierge service

An efficient and discreet presence tailored to your needs that will support you with reception, surveillance, touristic and logistic services  for a comfortable and serene yachting and holidays experience in Sicily and Malta.

pillow menu

For a sleep experience tailored to your needs, we can provide you with a wide range of luxury pillows: soft, medium and firm, goose down, memory foam and hypoallergenic, in various sizes and shapes.

car rental

For a complete service, we can provide seamless car rental services for yacht crews and guests. Expect prompt delivery, a selection of vehicles, competitive rates, and top-notch customer service.

We can satisfy any request!

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