Your reference point in your sea trip

From now on traveling by yacht becomes an even more comfortable and luxurious trip. We want to bring our beautiful island on your yacht to let you live, taste and enjoy Sicily in all its form, even if from the sea. A wide range of services from food and beverage to gallery equipment and also technical assistance to give you the best yacht support.
No matter where, no matter what, we are on it.

Food and Beverage

Our aim is to always give you the best. If you want to taste some local food or instead you want some sushi, we search for the best solution for supplying food, in terms of quality and taste and we bring it to you in the shortest time possible, ensuring the freshness of the products

Moreover, if you want someone qualified to cook something for you, an excellent chef will come on board preparing something exclusive for you and your hosts. If you want to take an active part and learn something more about Sicilian culture, you can also decide to organize a show cooking, learning together how to prepare the local recipes. 

Aside from food, we can bring you the most luxury and finest beverages like French champagnes, local and Tuscan wines or also luxury waters and the most sophisticated spirits. You just have to call us and then, all your wishes will come true.

Galley Equipment

When at sea it is difficult to have direct and immediate access to shops which can give you everything you need or wish. Now it is no longer a problem. Do you want international magazines or newspapers, a smartphone or, more generically, crew supplies? We can bring you every kind of galley equiment you want for your journey in the shortest time. 

Our commitment does not focus only on single products but it also extends to services like a personal shopper or the cleaning and sanitization service 7 days a week. 

A constant and complete support to make it so as not to miss anything. 

Technical Department

It is thanks to our highly specialized team and to our partnership with technicians in the nautical sector that we can also give you support in case of technical issues and supply of spare parts. The spare parts we provide are of the biggest brands in the nautical sector and they can be nautical painting, adhesives, mooring ropes, flags, power tools, engine oil, filters and much more. 

Are you looking for a funny and playful yacht trip? An anti-jellyfish pool, a jet-ski or another of our best yacht toys will make you live every moment at best. 

For us Seacily Supplies is a mission. We want to be the excellence in yacht supplies in Sicily and Malta, satisfying all your requests impeccably. Come on, test us!