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Sicily is known as a producer of quality, a land rich in delicacies. Excellent food and wine that we can make you taste during your stay in the Island. Let’s discover together the first 7 Sicilian excellences that you can receive thanks to our express delivery service.

Let’s start this food and wine journey, will you be mouth watering?

Benanti wines: authentic landmarks of Etna’s viticulture

Benanti means respect for all the specific viticultural vocations of Etna. The volcano and its terroir have in fact an important heterogeneity, which makes each side particularly suitable for one grape rather than another. Etna is more than 3000 meters high: its slopes have substantial differences for wine-growing, varying in exposure, temperature, altitude, soil, brightness, rainfall, ventilation, influence of the sea, farming system.

Their wines are authentic landmarks of Etna’s viticulture, of which they are ambassadors in the world. Being present on every side of the DOC, we will meet your every request. Our sommelier recommends the iconic Pietra Marina, which is a Etna DOC Bianco Superiore, Grape variety Carricante excellent for a fish dinner. For those who want to taste the sapiness of Etna, try the traditional Etna Rosso, a versatile wine that can be paired with red meats and cheeses but also with fish or white meats.

Red Shrimp from Mazara: an icon of the prestigious seafood

The iconic Mazara red shrimp is mainly fished in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the peculiarities is its color, an intense and brilliant red, and it is appreciated for the taste of its meat by all the chefs around the world. This is in fact compact and white, with a unique and unmistakable taste. In the hot months the head of the shrimp becomes a little bit darker for the presence of the eggs, also called “shrimp caviar”, used to obtain delicious first courses too.

The peculiarity of the red shrimp from Mazara del Vallo is its unmistakable taste, which contains the flavor and salinity of the waters in which it is fished. These shrimps are the perfect ingredient to create gourmet starters, such as first or second courses.

Cherry Tomato from Pachino: colour of Sicily

Telling you about a product well-known all over the world, we arrive at the sea in the province of Syracuse and to be exact, in the area between the town of Pachino and Portopalo di Capo Passero. Here comes the cherry tomato that has obtained for its characteristics the mark of typical geographical indication. Near the production area is located one of the most beautiful seas of the Mediterranean and the city of Noto, a UNESCO heritage site. Pachino tomato is a good ingredient in all recipes, especially those based on fish. It is a versatile product that almost never fails in a good Mediterranean recipe.

Chocolate from Modica: unique taste

In this case the excellence is not only that of the ingredients used in the production to realize this product but in particular the tradition and the production process itself. We talk about the chocolate of Modica, obtained with a particular process called “cold”. The origins date back to the time of the Spanish name of the city, Spaniards who would learn the secrets directly from the Aztecs. The cocoa beans are mixed with intoxicating spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, chili and in some cases citrus peel of the territory to create heady variations. The particularity is recognized thanks to the sugar crystals that remain intact even when the product is finished.

Champagne Etna, yes it is!

The sparkling wine of Etna is among the youngest and most rampant wines of the country, despite this being among the most awarded Champagnes alongside great and historical names.

The first sparkling wine on Etna was in 1870, with Baron Felice Spitaleri of Muglia with Pinot Noir grapes, to produce the “Champagne Etna”. With competence, savoir-faire, analysis, method and a constant tension towards excellence, these are the ingredients that make Sicilian sparkling wines, quality sparkling wines.

Sicilian truffle: the black sicilian gold

The Sicilian territory is an environment suitable for the proliferation of this “precious stone” with a unique taste and fragrance. The black and white truffles form symbiosis with the plants of our territory drawing the organic substances necessary for their survival. In addition, the various species of truffles find in our humid and warm climate the best temperature for adaptability and proliferation. A special ingredient to choose with care. In addition, our personal chef service can prepare for you delicacies with a unique and unmistakable scent.

Salame S. Angelo IGP

The jewel of Sicilian salami, with a production that was born around the 11th century. Only Italian meat cut into cubes and mixed with salt pepper is traditionally used. Due to the fact that it is made from the finest cuts of the pig, the Salame S. Angelo IGP is often called “the ham in the form of salami”. The texture is tender and compact; the ruby red color with white grains of fat well distributed. The flavor is slightly spicy and the aroma fragrant, sweet and characteristic. Ready to be caught by this culinary gem?

Constantly in search of true excellence, through our chefs, sommeliers, and quality control, we strive every day to offer you also the best national and international products together with our local excellence. Thanks to our broad understanding of the sector and expert partnerships in the area, we’re able to provide a selection of products of the highest quality, the most prestigious wines, champagnes, and spirits, and zero miles raw materials, which will allow you to taste a piece of our wonderful land or, simply, make you feel at home.