Summer is ending, not in Sicily! Do not lose your opportunity to live this wonderful land.

As the Summer heat fades into the gentle warmth of Sicilian autumn, Sicily is the perfect destination for families and no seeking an escape brimming with exciting activities.

Away from the crowds, amidst beaches, orchards and olive groves, treat the whole family to a safe and soothing break, enjoying the scents of Sicily. 

Sicily is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Europe for people spending their holidays in the autumn. Many know that activities, events, and celebrations finish at the end of the summer, but it is not true! As you can see thanks to social touchpoints, the sun continues to shine every day, and the temperature is not so lower than before. Then, every place you will visit in Sicily in autumn won’t be so crowded, so you can appreciate more monuments, museums, and the ancient centers.

Moreover, one of the best reasons to visit Sicily is the authenticity and the uniqueness that Sicily has.

Sicily incorporates elements from all over Europe, and here lies its true uniqueness – you will find in it baroque cities such as Barcelona, ​​alongside buildings built in a Gothic-lethal style.

There is a lot to do and see in Sicily in autumn, so make sure you put Sicily on your bucket list. Restarting from the end of summer, the island gives you special cultural activities.

Hence, what are the best things to do in Sicily in Autumn?
1. Visit Mount Etna, one of the most popular attractions: the highest volcano in Europe and one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

2. Relax at the beach: Sicily offers spectacular beaches, some more touristy, some less, and wild and pristine beaches.

3. Visiting Taormina and Castelmola: it is enough to just wander in them and enjoy the colorful houses and the atmosphere that is around small shops on all sides and small and charming cafes.

4. Explore the authentic fish market in Catania

5. Visit Villa Romana del Casale or Sicilian Villa Rumana dû Casali: a mansion of a wealthy Roman family from the 4th century AD (about 5 km from the town of Piazza Armerina)

6. Get lost in Ortigia, an island connected to the city of Syracuse. An ancient and rare area in its beauty that seems like a customer from a parallel world and out of time. 

7. Take a street food: colorful, vibrant, beautiful, and inviting markets, including food stalls and even delicious food markets.

8. Hiking in the Zingaro Reserve, that offers several trails of varying difficulty. 

9. A day trip to Favignana, a small island with incredible beaches. 

10. Do a road trip around the island: if you have the time, spare yourself two weeks, take a flight, rent a car during those two weeks and attack this beautiful island.

Ready to visit Sicily? It’s time to plan your trip!