Imagine sailing the crystalline waters on a luxury yacht, while the scents of Sicilian citrus and olive trees gently envelop you, transporting you to a timeless atmosphere. We give you the opportunity to live a unique experience, where Sicily materializes in every detail. Discover more!

Refined Wine Selections

We present you with an exclusive selection of the finest Sicilian wines, carefully chosen by our experts to satisfy even the most refined palates. Each sip will lead you to discover the oenological treasures of the island, enriching your journey with notes of passion and tradition.

Art and Craftsmanship of Sicily

Our decorations pay homage to the artistic riches of Sicily. Caltagirone ceramics and lava stone artifacts adorn the spaces of the vessel, transforming every corner into an elegant celebration of Sicilian culture.

Scent and color of Sicily

Thinking of Sicily brings to mind the scents of citrus and their vibrant colors. That’s why, to complete the experience, we have skillfully arranged mandarin, lemon, and olive trees on board, immersing you in the unique atmosphere of citrus groves and Sicilian countryside. Each breath brings you closer to the beauty and authenticity of this millennia-old land.

Sicily Bite by Bite

And for true culinary addicted, we offer a wide range of unique culinary experiences. Whether it’s participating in an interactive cooking class, witnessing an exciting show cooking, or indulging in the creations of a private chef for a traditional yet innovative dinner, we are here to fulfill your gourmet desires.

Welcome aboard, your journey begins here.