The Seacily Supplies became an IMPA member last February, No. 1 association for purchasers and suppliers in maritime. What about it?

IMPA: know it more

IMPA, which stands for International Marine Purchasing Association, is the leading organisation for marine purchasing and supply professionals.

It is the non-profit organisation that has been at the heart of the marine procurement and supply chain management industry since 1978.

Established more than four decades ago by a group of senior purchaser executives who wanted to create an industry voice to hear the interests of the profession, IMPA now represents a strong and vibrant community of more than 1,000 maritime purchaser and supplier members who are working towards continuous improvement and development of the industry.

Be part of the IMPA big family

IMPA connects people, shares valuable industry knowledge and drives best practice in the maritime supply chain.We are happy to be part of one of the most active associations in the maritime procurement community, with more than 1,000 members in 90+ countries. This means reaching widespread visibility all over the world, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia.

Thanks to that, we can build partnerships with recognised industry organisations, in order to gain continuous value through events and offers.

Our vision is shared

Our vision is to find occasions where the co-operation between purchasers and suppliers in the global maritime business is promoted, creating and supporting standards within the industry, and promoting the art and science of marine purchasing in all applied forms in order to increase our status.

The IMPA ultimate vision is to be a leading industry organisation providing real value to members, guiding them and their community of members every step of the way. Same goals, shareable visions.

The IMPA association is who created the 1st UN-aligned responsible supply chain management system for the industry, a great project to join in.