Mount Etna is a volcano so fascinating and full of itineraries that exploring it and experiencing it is a pleasure in every season of the year. You don’t necessarily have to wait for spring or summer to go trekking on its paths, you can also plan it in winter. 

As we already say, Etna is not just any mountain, it is also a fully active volcano. This means that in addition to the traditional mountain crevices it has lava tunnels, caves, craters and so on.

Some tips about History

The geological history of Etna begins with underwater activities 500,000 thousand years ago. Around 300,000 years ago, Mount Etna’s activity became sub-aerial, and the volcanic building began to form. Only 170,000 years ago, it moved to the current eruptive center. Later, around 35,000 years ago and for about 20,000 years, Etna goes through a more explosive phase, which produces large pyroclastic flows, the ashes of which reach as far as Rome. Around 9,000 years ago, the volcano’s east flank collapsed, sliding into the Mediterranean sea, forming a gigantic depression called the Valle del Bove that is today a huge cave where lava flows in protecting the little towns and the park down. 

The excellent food and wine

Etna is a territory to be valued and told for its vocation and for the uniqueness that it can give to local products. 
It has a varietal heritage of wines and production of raw materials, an additional added value in terms of specificity and peculiarities. 
Moreover, despite the success of the denomination being relatively recent, Etna DOC is the first denomination of controlled origin born in Sicily, as well as one of the oldest in Italy (1968). 
Visiting Etna you will enjoy a context of rare beauty and integrity, full of biodiversity. 

Our wine cellar can offer you Etna Doc wines from a careful selection of brands of the terroir and let you taste local dishes made with exceptional raw materials, such as cheese, pistachio, precious fruits, chosen specifically to give you unforgettable taste experiences thanks to a parterre of exceptional suppliers.

Not be missed

Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and in the last thirty years, a young and innovative generation of enologists and entrepreneurs has given birth to a wine district visited every year by tourists worldwide.

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