Stay hydrated according to your lifestyle. For personal use, dinner, a special occasion or gift, purchase luxury, premium and select bottled waters by Seacily Supplies.

Wherever you are, on your mega yacht or in a villa, do not give up your first choice drinking water. Sicily Supplies is the first service provider of prestigious luxury mineral waters from all over the world available in various formats, such as Fiji Water, Evian, Perrier, and Volvic in Sicily and Malta. Which is your best choice?
Moreover, thanks to our broad understanding of the sector and expert partnerships in the area that allow us to became the exclusive Fiji water and Evian suppliers.

EVIAN, from √Čvian-les-Bains to you

Bottled directly at the source without undergoing any treatment by man, the natural mineral water Evian flows from the source of Evian-les-Bains after a slow natural filtering path in an ancient glacier in the heart of the French Alps, through which it acquires a unique balance of minerals in the world.

Thanks to its health benefits, officially recognized by the French Academy of Medicine as early as 1878, its low sodium content and its unique oligomineral characteristics, its refreshing and refreshing taste is suitable for any age and particularly suitable for mothers and children as extremely pure.

Perfect by nature, with its unique taste and perfectly balanced mineral content, the natural mineral water Evian is bottled in a simple and modern bottle, appreciated and recommended by the best chefs and sommeliers is available in the best restaurants, Hotels and luxury villas of the world.

FIJI WATERS: distinctly soft, smooth taste

FIJI water is extracted from a primitive artesian aquifer 1,500 miles away from the nearest continent. This distance is part of what makes it purer and healthier than other bottled water, far from pollution, acid rain and industrialization.

Fiji water is bottled on the island of Viti Levu, the largest of the 333 islands that make up Fiji Islands. To ensure its purity, the water is extracted from its rock chamber by a hermetic system and conveyed directly into the “icon” bottles with a square shape consisting of the best plastic resin terephthalate (PET). It is held back even from contact with air until the moment the plug is unscrewed.  Fiji water is first purified by the winds sweeping the Pacific and then filtered for hundreds of years by volcanic rock, which is rich in silica.

Water has unique taste, characteristics and health benefits, so we improved our selection to sell a higher quality of bottled waters. Seacily supplies has selected unique labels in order to add to you premium water experience. 

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We search for the best that our beautiful country has to offer and can stock up the pantry of your yacht or villa with local and international excellence, highest quality choose, the most prestigious labels.

Thanks to over twenty years of experience in the provisions sector, Food & Beverages service, large-scale distribution, and as a Luxury buyer and business developer, we can affirmed to be a reliable, structured company with a deep knowledge of the sea and area, with consolidated relationships with local and national partners, and the ability to meet the high standards of the luxury sector and work with international customers. This is the reason why you choose Seacily Supplies as your service provider!