In Malta, winter sports come with a difference. What you’d traditionally associate with snow – skiing, snowboarding, etc – in winter in Malta, you do straight on the water: water-skiing, surfing, and more!

With such a glorious sea surrounding the Maltese Islands, why would you want to spend the winter away from it? Plus, without any swimmers and boats in the way, it is all yours to enjoy. Some water sports also require certain conditions that are best during the winter season. So here’s to Malta’s own unique take on ‘winter sports’!

1. Surfing

This may come as a surprise but winter is THE season for surfing in Malta. With the Mediterranean being a sea protected from ocean waves, surfers depend on the wind to generate the waves for surfing. Wind surfers too depend on the same. And wind is prevalent in autumn and winter. Poor surfers don’t get much excitement in summer, so surfing is actually a winter sports in Malta. Surfboard and wetsuit at the ready!

2. Diving

Diving is an all-year-round activity in Malta, yet most local divers will tell you that their preferred season for diving is winter. Reasons for this include relatively warm waters with a visibility stretching up to 40 metres, bigger fish sightings and deserted dive sites compared to the busier tourist season. Being an island, sheltered dive spots are accessible any day.

3. Kayaking

Sea kayaking keeps you relatively dry and safe from any remote risk of hypothermia, in case anyone is worried. Doing it in winter also keeps you safe from sunstroke. If you want to go on a day-long adventure exploring the myriad wonderful features the Maltese coast has to offer, milder sunshine is welcome compared to the hot sun beating down in summer. Local kayakers also prefer winter for their sport for this main reason. 

4. Windsurfing

If you don’t know how to already, there are water sports companies in Malta offering to teach complete beginners to be sufficient at windsurfing in as little time as a weekend. Wind surfs are available for rental and if a weekend of learning doesn’t take your fancy, taster sessions can be booked too. Described as one of the most idyllic water sports locations on the island, Mellieħa Bay, has plenty to offer. 

There are loads of things to do in Malta in winter and fall seasons. The sun always shines, the temperature is warm, and there is space to see and enjoy things. And what about the other things? Food and beverage? Galley equipment and technical service provider? We can satisfy any request! Contact us