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Ready to Meet Every Request: The Unique Experience of Seacily Supplies

When it comes to luxury and comfort aboard a yacht, Seacily Supplies is the go-to name for impeccable and bespoke

Seacily Food News

Benanti winery Benanti is a native family of Etna that respects and protects our volcano. The emotions, the colors and

Elevate Your Yachting Experience in Sicily with Seacily Supplies: Your Luxury Provider

Are you dreaming of a luxury yacht adventure surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily? Look

A Luxury Experience Without Limits: Deliveries for Yachts, Luxury Villas, and Exclusive Hotels

Imagine sailing in crystal-clear waters, surrounded by breathtaking views. Aboard your yacht, every detail is curated to perfection, from gourmet

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Sicily On Board: A luxury journey through flavors and traditions

Imagine sailing the crystalline waters on a luxury yacht, while the scents of Sicilian citrus and olive trees gently envelop

Top Sailing Destinations in Aeolian Islands

Blue waters, beautiful beaches, unspoilt nature, years of history and culture, caves and volcanoes of irresistible charm, one of the

April: Vinitaly and MYBA for an eventful month

Just returned from an exciting Vinitaly, we are ready to leave for Barcelona! We’ll tell you what we did and

Mount Etna: unique tours from Catania and Taormina

Mount Etna is a volcano so fascinating and full of itineraries that exploring it and experiencing it is a pleasure

Fall Boating activities in Malta

In Malta, winter sports come with a difference. What you’d traditionally associate with snow – skiing, snowboarding, etc – in

Pets on board: top 5 tips & yacht supplies

Nothing beats a warm holiday out on the boat, but isn’t the same if you leave your pet at home.

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5 charming destination in Sicily

Sicily is an island of never ending wonder. Discover here the 5 most charming destination we suggest you in your journey in this amazing island.